Michael Lavin Flower

Artists Statement


Michael Lavin Flower has made the Berkshires his home since 1983. He has operated as a freelance commercial photographer and educator while pursuing his passion as an artist exploring spatial, social and political themes with his photography. While product, editorial, social event, portraiture and public relations photography have been the foundation of his business, Michael’s passion for architecture has kept him working with landscape architects, interior designers, architectural firms, engineers, construction companies and real estate agencies for more than two decades. His accounts include many award-winning internationally recognized and published clientele. Michael’s intuitive design sensibilities have garnered him advertising campaigns for regional and national commercial businesses.

Philadelphia College of Art, BFA ~ Photography / Film             1980
Dartington College of Art, Dip H.E                    1978
Simon’s Rock Early College    AA                    1977

Commercial Photography Experience
Michael Lavin Flower ~ Photography                     1980 -2016*
Berkshire Mountain Photographic Workshops                1995-2001
Lee Wojnar ~ Photography, Philadelphia PA                1994-2000
Chiaroscuro Gallery, Lenox, MA                        1983-86
Edwardo Latour, Photography, McLean VA                        1980
John Condax ~ Photography, Philadelphia, PA                1978-1980

*Clientele and publications available on request

Elizabeth Gatchell Klien Arts Center, Miss Halls School 2016        solo
No. Six Depot, West Stockbridge 2016 & 2015                solo
Renaissance Arts Center 2014                        solo / group
Nutshell Gallery, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute            solo
Lascano Gallery, Great Barrington MA                    group
Hynes Center, Boston                             solo
Atelier Salon, NYC                            solo
Doreen Young Gallery, Simon’s Rock College                 solo
Chiaroscuro Gallery, Lenox, MA 1983-86                    solo / group
Honey Sharp Gallery, Lenox, MA  1981                    group
Third Street Gallery, Philadelphia 1979                    group
Sol Mendick Gallery, Philadelphia College of Art 1979            group
Admissions Department, Philadelphia College of Art 1979                solo

Informal Taks / Lectures / Workshops
Miss Hall’s School                            2016
Simon’s Rock College of Bard:
Advanced Photography Projects                        2010
Color Digital Photography                         2009
Hallmark School Of Photography,
“Balancing of Commercial and Fine Careers”                2009
Simon’s Rock College of Bard; Three-Week Immersion Workshop
Economic Reform through the Study of Architecture.  Havana, Cuba    2000-2001
Berkshire Mountain Photographic Workshops
Beginner- Advanced B&W, Color, Studio Lighting, Editorial         1995-2001

Sabbatical and Adjunct Teaching positions
Simon’s Rock College                                           Sabbatical Replacement
Renaissance Arts Center                                            Photography Instructor
Monument Mountain Regional High School                                     21-Century Photography Program
BART Charter School                                            Photography Instructor
IS183                                               Photography Program Director
Miss Hall’s School                                        Photography Program Director
Darrow School                                                Photography Program Director
Miss Porters School                                        Photography Program Director
Moore College of Art                                        Photography Department Assistant